TEACHER TRAINING FOR INCLUSION THROUGH MINORITY LANGUAGES (TITLE) is a project aimed at connecting autonomous governments, cultural organisations, youth associations, and educational centres in Europe, with the aim of promoting the technological and educational development of minoritised languages, which will in turn help facilitate the implementation of multilingual systems and to equip school teachers with the innovative digital educational resources.

This will be achieved through the creation of DIGITAL OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES (OERs) FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS THROUGH MINORITY LANGUAGES (included in a Toolbox) that will train teachers while also help them carry out a learning process for their students of minority languages.

Also the project will create several tangible results: 1) The creation of a COURSE FOR TEACHERS TO IMPLEMENT MINORITY LANGUAGES AS EDUCATIONAL VEHICULAR LANGUAGES. 2) A course for secondary and primary teachers to use innovative methodologies using minority languages of the territory to promote inclusion and reach the educational objectives of the students. 3) The creation of a VIRTUAL COMMUNITY OF TEACHERS FOR THE DIGITALIZATION OF MINORITISED LANGUAGES IN SECONDARY EDUCATION. These results will all be supported by a collaborative web space designed for and by secondary school teachers from schools in territories with minoritised languages.

Project website: https://titlenet.eu/