The project “LEARNING HELPING: INCLUSIVE EDUCATION OF ADULT PERSONS THROUGH VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING” is built on the experience accumulated since 2017, when a strategic partnership was established to promote a new method of adult learning based on encouraging users to achieve educational objectives as a means to develop useful volunteering actions and promote the social inclusion of migrant and/or refugee adults.

However, the teaching of adults trying to become volunteers or achieve their full inclusion in the host country does not only need digital educational tools and training courses where the user receives information and knowledge, but also innovative learning techniques to develop their skills while putting them into practice to help those who need it the most.

This demand has led to the development of the methodology LEARNING BY DOING, adapted to learn, innovative, dynamic, and flexible, while at the same time consistent with the official curriculum for adult education, in which users learn formal contents through digital volunteering adapted to the needs of civil society organisations that propose appealing situations and motivate them to learn while promoting the inclusion of other students and their own.

In order to achieve these objectives ELEN is working with six other expert organisations in an intersectoral strategic partnership. The project is funded by the EU Erasmus+ Programme.

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