The European Language Equality Network is backing the ‘Minority Safepack Initiative’. It is a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) that aims to “improve the protection of persons belonging to national and linguistic minorities and strengthen cultural and linguistic diversity in the EU.”

ELEN is working with its members to help collect one million signatures from across the EU and calls on all of its member organisations to ask their members and friends, and other associations, to sign and share the petition online, at: 

The deadline is April 3rd 2018.

ELEN Secretary-General Davyth Hicks said. “We warmly welcome this initiative, and the efforts made by FUEN to get this project up and running. We encourage all of our members to fully support this ECI. If you support European language diversity simply sign the online form and help us in our work to get substantive EU legal protection for Europe’s national and linguistic minorities.”


A European Citizens’ Initiative is an invitation to the European Commission to propose legislation on matters where the EU has competence to legislate. A citizens’ initiative has to be backed by at least one million EU citizens, coming from at least 7 out of the 28 member states.

For further information and on how to support this project please see the website: