The Åland Isles, South Tyrol Governments and ELEN have signed a joint position paper on the EU’s forthcoming Satellite and Cable Directive revision proposals. The paper, which was sent to the Commission in June, and subsequently supported by the Hungarian Government, calls on the EU to “guarantee the future of our languages and their comprehensive usage and meaningful promotion” in the proposals.

In July the Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Günther Oettinger, replied that he “highly appreciated the input” and that the Commission will be taking cultural aspects into account, “in particular in order to respect and to promote the diversity of cultures, as well as to promote the Union’s linguistic diversity.”

The Sat-Cab Directive revision will be discussed further during the autumn with ELEN, South Tyrol, Aland Isles and Hungary working closely together to ensure the position of lesser-used languages in the future digital single market.

Committee of the Regions Press Release

ELEN, South Tyrol, Aland Isles Final Position Paper on Sat-Cab Directive_revised 19072016